About Us

We are a teeny-tiny Raw Milk Creamery with a NOT SO teeny-tiny passion for impacting the hearts and health of the families we serve.

As a husband and wife team, raising our own half-a-dozen mini-Savages plus milking cows and managing a little farm, we understand that life can get crazy, especially when you are trying to do it alone.  

That's why we are committed to coming alongside you and your family and offering you nutrient dense Farmstead Staples that will support your health AND encourage your heart.

Do you feel like all you do is run? 

Does it seem like there's never enough time to really care for the needs of your family AND have any time leftover for the things YOUR heart desires? 

Ah......We SO get that! 

Come, take a breath with us and slow your spin, just a little.

We want to be your gentle and friendly reminder to take back your time and reinvent a slower more meaningful life, so that YOU can savor the slow. :)